The Best in New and Returning Releases this Halloween

Happy First Day of October, everyone!

Got something relatively short and simple for you today, but super important nonetheless (we’ll get to the overly long, self-indulgent ranting stuff you come here for tomorrow, I swear).

I thought it would be a good idea – a public service, really – to give you a list of all the big releases coming out this month. There’s plenty of new stuff to see this month, and also plenty of classic horror films being re-released for Halloween. I’m planning on covering quite a lot of it, so stay tuned if you want to hear my takes on a few of the big ones. But even if that doesn’t interest you (which, you know, begs the question why you’re here), these would all be fantastic things to go see this month to get you into the Halloween spirit.

And please, go help your local theaters. Even if it’s a big chain.

So, without further ado:

New Releases

October 5th: Mr. Harrigan’s Phone, Netflix. An adaptation of a Stephen King novella from the If It Bleeds collection, it’s essentially about a haunted iPhone. Sounds really dumb, is actually genuinely creepy. Curious to see if it translates well to a full-length feature.

October 6th: Terrifier 2, Limited Release/VOD. Art the Clown is back, for better or for worse. A sequel to Damien Leone’s All Hallows’ Eve and Terrifier, this long-awaited sequel to the cult-classics sees this gross, sadistic killer icon return to wreak havoc and no doubt offend the masses. For the squeamish, you may want to avoid this one. I might be covering this one, provided I can find a theater that’s playing it (not sure of the digital release schedule yet).

October 6th: Deadstream, Shudder. An obnoxious vlogger live-streams his night in the most haunted house in America. This horror/comedy found-footage movie got excellent buzz at SXSW this year, and I can’t wait to see it. I’ll probably cover this on the site. Also, get a Shudder subscription! It’s cheap, and it’ll give you everything you need for your Halloween streaming needs!

October 7th: Werewolf by Night, Disney+. A bona fide Marvel horror special! Shot in black-and-white, as a love-letter to classic, golden-age monster movies, this MCU installment is set to introduce a whole host of supernatural and macabre characters from the comics. I have to imagine we’ll get some lead-in to Blade as well. And Man-Thing! Marvel + Monsters? I’ll absolutely be covering this on the site.

October 7th: Hellraiser, Hulu. Another day, another horror reboot. This time, of the beloved Clive Barker classic. Torture porn in the most literal way possible. From director David Bruckner, who directed one of the best segments of V/H/S, as well as the excellent Night House. If Prey is any indication, Hulu intends to come out swinging with this one. I’ll be covering Hellraiser here for sure. We have such sights to show you…

October 14th: Halloween Ends, Theatrical. Here it is, folks: The final showdown between Laurie Strode and Michael Myers. After the so-so Halloween Kills, David Gordon Green has a lot of lost ground to make up for, so hopefully he can stick the landing. I’m excited regardless. You know I’ll be covering this one. It’s basically a contractual obligation at this point.

October 20th: V/H/S 99, Shudder. The fifth installment in the always-fun (if hit-or-miss) V/H/S anthology franchise. I don’t recognize any of the filmmakers in this collection, so I’m excited to see what the new blood will bring to the table. I’ll be covering this one on the site. GET SHUDDER, PEOPLE.

October 28th: Wendell & Wild, Netflix. A return to stop-motion animation from Nightmare Before Christmas’s Henry Selick, his first feature film since Coraline in 2009. I’m a huge sucker for stop-motion, especially when it gets spooky, so I’ll definitely be seeing this on day one. Plus, it stars Key and Peele! Keep an eye out, because I’ll be covering this one too.

October 28th: Prey for the Devil, Theatrical. I’ll be honest: I have every reason to believe this will be terrible. It’s PG-13 horror, which is usually a bad sign, but also has one of the most generic trailers I’ve ever seen. I may be drunk for this one. I may or may not cover it, depending on if it’s bad enough to be noteworthy.

Classics in Theaters (availability may vary)

October 1st: The Mummy/Bride of Frankenstein, Regal Cinemas. A classic Boris Karloff double-feature!

October 2nd: Ghostbusters, Alamo Drafthouse. Who you gonna call?

October 4th: The Silence of the Lambs, Alamo Drafthouse. Hello, Clarice.

October 5th: Death Becomes Her, Alamo Drafthouse. Robert Zemeckis, Goldie Hawn, Meryl Streep, and dark comedy gold. What more could you want?

October 6th: Trick ‘r Treat, Regal Cinemas (October 18th, Alamo Drafthouse. October 7th, AMC Theaters). My absolute favorite Halloween film of all time, in it’s first-ever theatrical release!

October 7th: Halloween (1978), Regal Cinemas (October 31st, Alamo Drafthouse). The original John Carpenter masterpiece. If you’ve never seen it, please leave this website.

October 8th: Beetlejuice, Alamo Drafthouse. I’ll be seeing this for the dinner scene alone. Kills me every single time.

October 9th: Scream 2, Regal Cinemas. It’s the 15th anniversary of one of the slasher greats! God, we’re all old.

October 9th: The Lost Boys, Regal Cinemas (October 17th, Alamo Drafthouse. October 7th, AMC Theaters). The best vampire movie ever? No, but certainly the most 80s.

October 9th: The Craft, Alamo Drafthouse. The movie that made every goth girl in the 90s decide to be a witch. I’ll watch anything with Neve Campbell in it, frankly.

October 11th: Donnie Darko, Alamo Drafthouse. Bunny suits and existential dread. Do I fully understand this movie? Not at all. But that ‘Mad World’ cover is great, and it’s just captivating enough to make you forget how lost you are.

October 12th: Nosferatu, Alamo Drafthouse. For those of you who only know what this is because of Spongebob, maybe now’s the time to educate yourself.

October 12th: Candyman, Alamo Drafthouse: Be my victim. Clive Barker’s urban horror classic. More poignant than ever in modern times, and features one of the greatest villain performances in horror history in Tony Todd’s titular, hook-handed specter.

October 15th: Little Shop of Horrors, Alamo Drafthouse. One of the only musicals I genuinely love. Campy, silly, and super dark. Feed me, Seymour!

October 16th: Scream, Alamo Drafthouse. The Wes Craven masterpiece that reinvented the slasher for the millennial audience. Should be required viewing for horror fans.

October 23rd: A Nightmare on Elm Street, Alamo Drafthouse. One, two, Freddy’s coming for you…

October 24th: Shaun of the Dead, Alamo Drafthouse. You’ve got red on you. Arguably the best horror comedy of the 21st century.

October 25th: Psycho, Alamo Drafthouse. The granddaddy (grandmother?) of all modern slashers, and still an insanely tense, captivating thrill ride. We all go a little mad sometimes…

October 26th: The Guest, Alamo Drafthouse. From the people that brought you the incredibly fun Your Next comes a stellar horror/action/thriller that pits a high school girl against a mysterious house guest with some killer instincts. Dan Stevens is always a win.

October 28th: The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Alamo Drafthouse. Dig out your corsets and your fishnets, people. It’s time for the Time Warp once again!

October 30th: The Shining, Alamo Drafthouse. All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. See the film that Stephen King hates and audiences love. Your room at the Overlook Hotel is waiting for you.

I’ll be updating this throughout the month as new announcements are made, so check back to see if anything else pops up!

Happy Halloween, everyone!

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