An October Mission Statement, Part II: Electric Boogaloo

Hello, dear readers.

Last year, in a moment of misplaced clarity about what this site had become, I made a personal vow to dedicate the entire month of October to non-stop horror content. Every single day, 31 days in a row, new, fresh material for you to consume, perfect for the Halloween season. Rankings, new reviews, and recommendation lists, day after day, all month long. It took an entire month of preparation, endless hours of research, and resulted in the worst carpal tunnel I’ve ever had.

It was hell, and I vowed to never do it again.

But, much like a mother deciding to have another child, I’ve forgotten the excruciating pain I felt in the moment, and have been once again overcome by the spirit of this, the most wonderful time of the year. I can no longer remember the labor pains that made me want to toss my laptop into traffic; Only the joy of seeing an entire calendar page full of pumpkin-scented, movie-themed digital content.

So, because I’m apparently a masochist of some kind, we’re doing it again, baby!

For the ENTIRE month of October, 1st through 31st, you’re getting hot, off-the-presses horror-themed blog posts. I’m talking thoughtful editorials. I’m talking fun retrospectives and lists. I’m talking reviews for brand-spanking-new movies like Halloween Kills, V/H/S 99, and Hellraiser. Plus some other stuff that I won’t spoil (because I’m making it up as I go!). I’ve been toiling away for the entire month of September – because who needs a social life anyway? – and have prepared such a bountiful feast for all you lovely people that your eyes will explode from the sheer spookiness of it all.

…I had nothing else better to do, okay?

So tune in for the second annual Blogger Under The Stairs Halloween Extravaganza! Every day, 11 a.m. From my keyboard to your eye holes!

Happy Halloween!!!

#jack skellington from Jack Skellington

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