An October Mission Statement from The Blogger Under the Stairs

Quick confession time: This site isn’t what it was supposed to be.

Originally, its purpose was to be, predominantly, a place where I could rant about horror movies. I really wanted to set aside a digital space where I could really talk, at length, about horror in film, from popular classics to obscure, cult favorites. I really enjoy talking about horror, as anyone who’s ever had the misfortune of starting a conversation with me can attest to, and I figured the blog could be an outlet for me to practice my writing and get my thoughts down on paper (metaphorically) on the movies that I love. I also thought it could serve, potentially, as a helpful resource for people who either liked horror and needed recommendations, or who hated the genre and needed some convincing as to why it’s worth their time.

That initial concept… well, needless to say, it got away from me.

The blog sort of became the very thing I didn’t want it to be, which is a generic sort of movie review site. Granted, there’s some pieces on here that I’m genuinely proud of, and I never post anything that I don’t have at least a little bit of passion behind it (which is why there’s only been around fifty posts in the three years I’ve had this site). And while I normally try not to just write simple reviews unless I can tie it to some greater idea or trend in film, I have occasionally just posted a rant gushing or complaining about a particular movie in a pretty basic fashion.

Also, frankly, the amount of horror content on here has been severely lacking. I think I’ve only covered about a dozen films that could even be generously considered to be belonging to the genre. And as someone who consumes more horror than any other genre, that’s unacceptably sad.

But this month, all that’s all changing.

I have spent the last thirty days slaving over my laptop in preparation for October. Every day this month, in celebration of this most holy of seasons, I’m hitting you with fresh horror content. It’s a Halloween takeover, baby, and it’s not stopping until the jack-o-lanterns start to rot and the Halloween candy is on sale for half off in the bargain bin.

I’ve got franchise rankings. I’ve got retrospectives on some of my favorite classic horror films. I’ve got recommendation lists for every flavor of horror you can think of, from comedies to found-footage and even documentaries. I’ve got spotlights on some fantastic contemporary indie flicks. And I’ve even got some reviews planned for a few new releases, like Shudder’s V/H/S/94 and Halloween Kills. It’s a round-the-clock, nonstop celebration of the spookiest time of the year, and all the wonderfully macabre and depraved movies that make it so fun.

So please join me for the new, hopefully-annual TheBloggerUndertheStairs Halloween Bonanza! While I don’t plan on converting the site into a full-time horror blog, 31 days of exclusively horror-themed content should quiet my guilt on the subject for at least another year, and at the very least, make me seem significantly less lazy.

Stay tuned every day at 11:00 AM for some hot, new horror-flavored goodness, beamed straight into your eyeholes. And Happy Halloween!

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