Bumblebee: Story Over Spectacle

Let me be completely upfront about this: I genuinely enjoy the first couple of Michael Bay Transformers films. The first three are my go-to guilty pleasure movies. As much as I love and respect actual, competent cinema, there‚Äôs just something about the giddy, care-free explosion-insanity of the early movies that just speak to me on a primal, childlike level. What can I say? I like … Continue reading Bumblebee: Story Over Spectacle

A Highly Subjective”Best and Worst of 2018″ List

Despite lasting what seemed like a decade, 2018 has finally come to an end. And although most of the year was pretty much pure garbage in terms of what actually happened in the world, we can at least take solace in the fact that there were some pretty amazing movies that were released in the meantime. Granted, there were also quite a few absolute train-wrecks … Continue reading A Highly Subjective”Best and Worst of 2018″ List