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News of the Week: Trailer Time

A weekly round-up of all the juicy geek news that hit the internet this past week. This week, there was a whole slew of fun kids movie trailers hitting the web, as well as some other small surprises. As per usual, potential spoilers ahead.

Wreck it Ralph 2

As a huge fan of the first movie, I’ll be honest here: I’m a bit concerned that it’s sequel seems to be aiming to be a bit too referential for its own good. It’s one thing to make small, clever cultural references, like the villain support group in the first film. It’s another beast entirely to feature blatant product placement, like we see here. I have a decent amount of faith in the film, but I’m wary nonetheless (solely because that Princess scene was delightfully self-criticizing). Also, I’m sorry movie, but acknowledging the fact that your title is terrible doesn’t change the fact that it it’s still terrible.

The LEGO Movie 2

With Chris Miller and Phil Lord only writing and not directing this year’s sequel to The LEGO Movie, I’m again a bit skeptical. But the animation still looks sharp, and the humor seems to be just as on point as the original. Also, I totally dig the transition from the first film’s kid/parent dynamic to a more boy/girl, brother/sister theme, which should provide the same clever meta-commentary as before. And you gotta love a little Beastie Boys.

Into the Spider-Verse

Speaking of sharp animation, OH MY GOD THIS MOVIE. When Sony announced it was doing an animated Spider-Man movie with Miles Morales as the main focus, my response was essentially “Meh.” Sony isn’t really known for it’s understanding of it’s Marvel properties, so I figured it’d be a jumbled mess, like it’s Amazing franchise from a few years back. And, to be fair, it still could be. But good lord, the animation in this thing looks INSANE. It’s a gorgeous, unique mix of cell-shading, comic book imagery, and a strange, shudder-y framerate that almost makes it seem stop-motion. Penning the script is, again, Phil Lord, who’s proven time and time again he understands both character and humor, which is absolutely crucial to a Spider-Man film. Plus, the movie seems to be adapting both the Spider-Verse AND the Spider-Men story-lines, both of which are incredible in their own right. I really hope the plot keeps up the pace with the genius animation.

How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

Rounding out the animated trailers this week is the final installment in the absolutely fantastic How to Train Your Dragon series. As par for the course at this point, it looks stunningly beautiful, with the same amount of charm and heart as its predecessors. And since this is the conclusion to the trilogy, expect it to be a tear-jerker (as if the first two weren’t bad enough). The script apparently made producer Steven Spielberg cry, so bring tissues for this one when it releases next March.


Am I crazy, or does this seem… kinda good? I’m getting serious Iron Giant vibes, which is definitely a good thing. It lacks the frantic, confusing blend of blurry action and explosions that was so characteristic of of Michael Bay’s earlier entries into the franchise, instead seeming to focus more on character moments, which is also a good sign. And from the director of the beautifully made Kubo and the Two Strings, I expect nothing less. The designs of the robots also seem less busy, with the title character appearing more round and friendly, like his original version. In the same vein, the film’s villain looks equally great, being a more or less perfect on-screen adaption of Generation 1 Starscream, which the Bay movies made into an angry, flying triangle monster. Mark me down as cautiously optimistic about this.


The first trailer for Danny McBride’s Halloween sequel/reboot arrived Friday, giving us a glimpse at just how much Michael Myers and his sometimes-sister Laurie Strode have aged in the past 30 years. And holy hell, Laurie had gone full-on Sarah Conner. Ignoring the numerous sequels (brushing them off as “made up”) and taking place 30 years after the first, it seems like this October’s Halloween is finally going to give us the showdown we’ve been waiting for. This looks to be worth seeing just for John Carpenter’s music alone.

The Addams Family


We got our first look this week on the animated Addams Family movie from MGM, and the characters look great. They’re basically perfect adaptations of the original artwork by comic strip author Charles Addams,

Jurassic World: The Fallen Kingdom

Moving away from first looks and sneak peeks into more timely news, the sequel to the fun-if-dumb Jurassic World is getting extremely middling reviews, much like it’s predecessor, which should really be no surprise. But it’s still Chris Pratt running from dinosaurs, so I’ll be there opening day regardless.

Incredibles 2

On the other hand, the long-awaited sequel to Pixar’s 2004 The Incredibles is receiving pretty wide acclaim across the board. Here’s hoping it isn’t being too over-hyped.

Untitled Jared Leto Joker Abomination/Movie

Jared Leto’s Joker is getting his own movie (alongside the other Joker movie being produced by Warner Bros. with Joaquin Phoenix), proving, once again, there is no God. If there’s any consolation, he’ll at least be losing the “DAMAGED” tattoo.

X-Men/Fantastic Four

Apparently Comcast may beat Disney to the punch in purchasing 20th Century Fox, leaving the company’s Marvel properties once again just out of reach. So much for Dr. Doom in the MCU.


That’s all for this week!

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